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Found 7 results

  1. Yo, so my s15 originally was an sr20de i bought a sr20det engine put it into my s15 that was already been put together. Specs GT2871R - that blew up after being tuned on the dyno it got taken for a test run right after the tune and blew up coming back to the shop. Since then bought a brand new GT2871R From garrett and havn't taken the car back to get it retuned on the brand new Turbo. JNot sure on trim and such but i do have all part numbers to find out if your curious. 740CC nismo injectors DW300 fuel pump Z32 AFM Spit fire coil packs Stock airbox Stock BOV Front mount intercooler Tomei Cam's 260/11.20 3inch exhaust i paid 4K for the engine running and all that has 93K on the clock. cars running on 14PSI on this dyno test. I want to know what else i can do to produce more power and is this normal figures all this is on a NISTUNE BOARD. if it is pretty low power for the mods the engine has installed on it could it be due to the turbo being on its last breath why it had such low figures then blew up straight after the tune then test ran.
  2. Hey all. Looking for opinions on those who would know what is wrong - if you look at the dyno, it is just not good. Mostly validate if I need bigger size cams, etc. S15 Jap Spec-r. Running GTX2867r with 86 rear housing. (brand new Gen2) Stock cams. 850cc Injectors (JECs side feeds, flow tested), splitfire coils (blue ones). Blirtz Spec-r boost controller. Custom hard intake pipe (3inch?) 455L Walbro Fuel Pump. Z32. BKE7 something spark plugs (new and the correct ones). Kakimoto Regu 06&R with resonator removed. High flow cat, tomei 3" dump. FMIC (generic). As the dyno results show - no power. People like to blame the housing, others the tuner. The tuner is good, those who he is all agree. The figure is way down regardless of the housing size. I don't believe the housing is the issue either. Just a LITTLE more lag. The timing was not advanced further due to detonation. FYI comp test is fine (135 to 145 across all 4 from mem). Leak test done - no boost leaks. The car had the T28 before and would move even at 6th gear at 100km/h, my old S15 had a 2871r 0.64 and moved still without a tune more at under 5kRPM. Again, No boost leaks, injectors have been tested. With no cat and exhaust it made 192kw. So that eliminates the exhaust. I want my bottom end back and my 260kw I should have. Tuner is saying E85 and cams are needed as some SR20s just don't make power. I am hoping not to rely on E85 to make her move again. With all the above info, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG?!?!? Thanks all.

    Hi Guys, Thanks guys, found what i was looking for... Please delete
  4. After Screwing around with an old aftermarket ecu for a whole day and playing with very coarse injectors pulse increments using 450cc injectors I finally spat the dummy and decided to integrated a sr20det 50F00 ecu , loom and Nistune board to our customers van which we earlier converted to 4G63 turbo (rvr evo ) engine with all the factory 4wd drive line. The end result was exactly what i was hoping , perfect cold start and warm start, excellent mixtures and stable idle during warm up and very stable mixtures through out the whole map. The gtir rnn14 AAC controls idle as if it was fitted to the vehicle by Mitsubishi on the production line, this has been a pleasure to tune, the set up responds to every key stroke almost like a motec The power output is more then we had hoped with the tune 70% complete and the last of the steady state tune done at 5200 rpm, we have 820nm peak torque @ 3400 rpm , 144kws, 13 psi @ 5200 rpm with a very conservative ignition map as it's running a small td04 turbo which makes full boost by 2600-2700 rpm, I'm amazed at how well it tuned and it was a pleasure to tune This really proves the flexibility and quality of the factory Nissan ecu's especially with the Nistune boards fitted, We will be trialing nistune fitted ecu's on a few different vehicles in the future , we are hoping that all motor enthusiast would consider running Nistune as an alternative to aftermarket ecu's. This would really benefit budget builds and the smooth factory drive ability plus all the features ( cold-warm start, accel enrich decel inj cut off, crank enrich etc...) work exactly as they should and this would be very time consuming and expensive to achieve with an aftermarket ecu. A small clip of start up ! http://youtu.be/Ods0jGFcUOI Pics Of The Build
  5. Hi all, Am new to this. Am booked in for a tune but am concerned that my tuner tends to throw caution to the wind on the dyno... Previous tune S14 SR2DET standard s14 injectors - T3/T4 turbo - 227rwkws. Interested in people's thoughts on what a safe rwkw number would be for a new tune with a new turbo and J-Spec S15 injectors? Thanks all, any advice would be much appreciated! Rich
  6. G’day guys. New to the forum just thought I would introduce my current project car. It is a bit of a strange one and I am anticipating a fair amount of hate (so be gentle) but basically I have thrown an rb25det into my old e36 BMW. It has been a long build as everything has had to be fabricated from scratch but I’m finally at the fun end of the build (the tuning) which is what brings me to this forum. List of current mods include Rb25det series 2 with 5speed gearbox (Nissan) Greddy front facing intake plenum LS2 truck external mount coil packs 525cc Delphi injectors PWR intercooler Greddy bov (plumbed back) 80mm throttle body Bosch 040 fuel pump Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator Custom 3inch stainless exhaust system with high flow cat I am still sitting on stock internals, turbo and wiring loom for the time being as I would like to have the thing drivable before I go for the new cams and turbo The ECU that I have paired with it is a Haltech pro plug in. which is where I have hit a wall. Living in Cairns has made it very difficult to find someone who would be willing to tune the Haltech ecu (it seems all of the local tuners prefer vi-pec) and I was hoping that someone on this forum knows a guy who knows a guy that would be able to have a look at it for me to get it all running sweet!
  7. Hi, Looking at getting a power fc tuned on my s14 at Jaustech and would like to know people's experiences and reviews. Thanks