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    civic SiR
  1. ek wing

    yeah thats the type R wow 100$
  2. Lady GaGa

    i dont even like her aw
  3. baby name help

    kendrick vince or pick out a nations name.. heheh
  4. honda HRV engine

    i doubt if its a b16
  5. RX787

    oh wow an FC... thanks to initial D not for it id never came to know the RX7
  6. Im new and my car is newer

    nice sylvia, yeah like the color too
  7. favourite ***michael jackson***

    the way you make me feel
  8. oh my i cant figure it out.... a bit lost here.. or im just dumb
  9. Different Specs Of GTR

    good info hehehe now i know the different models of GODZILLA

    sad to hear this mate.... i hope the one who broke into your car crashes his car too( thats if he has one)
  11. EVO X

    i wish i had one aw.....
  12. r34 differences

    who want to have a skyline hahahaha
  13. Hi all

    thats one sweet sylvia mate
  14. r34 differences

    the 34 with the rb20de must be really slow aye??
  15. Revolution Will Begin "Now".

    yeah my first one was a minivan... lol