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  1. s15 break upgrade option

    depends how much you want to spend. As a lot of guys have already said, braided lines, some slotted DBA s15 rotors and some quality pads will make a difference.
  2. Price Drop! GKTECH V2 Rear Toe Arms

    how many ks the coilies done? Any specific reason for selling?
  3. How to make sr20's run cooler

    Do the asi radiators mount straight on to an s15, or do you need to get custom brackets/make your own? How many ppl use these compared to cheap ebay items?
  4. How to make sr20's run cooler

    Touch off topic, but is it worth changing your thermo to something cooler without changing rad etc to help the car run a little cooler? (keep in mind the car currently runs 'normal' operating temps).
  5. HID's

    I have/had 6000k in mine. Bright white with a slash of blue tinge in it. Looks like i might have to try phillips as i can't seem to source any more from kaixen. Anyone elee using other brands apart from cheap ebay stuff? Deff gota make sure you don't have them angled too high. Had to adjust mine when i first put them in as they were too high.
  6. HID's

    A mate of mine has been in contact with kaixen lighting in regards to HID's for cars. They mostly do industrial lighting (street, business' etc) rather than car stuff. I had to send a pic of my ballast units to them to see if they still have them in stock. A lot of their trading is apparently company to company rather then to the general public. Are there any HID kits that are actually ADR approved? I've never had an issue with them in regards to being defected (touch wood), and i've been pulled over several times and through numerous rbt's etc. Anyone else using something different or are people just changing the colour of their bulbs to look pretty..? Seems to be plenty of jap cars getting around with what appear to be HID's.
  7. HID's

    Hi all. Just looking to see what brand/make of HID's people use, (heat rating, pro's con's etc) what they would recommend, and the best place to find them. I have used Kaixen in my silvia, but they seem pretty hard to track down these days. Discuss..
  8. s15 front lips

    also been looking around for these. If you come across anything mate let me know..
  9. Kaixen HID kits?

    That better bling?
  10. Kaixen HID kits?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a reputable seller of kaixen HID's? I originally bought mine off a member on here (liquidsounD), but i noticed they haven't been active on here since earlier in the year. Long story short, i need a low beam kit for the passenger side light asap. Any info is appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Body needs love was more along the lines of a good cut and polish will restore it to pretty much perfect. The car was originally advertised at another dealership (same company) for 19k (which is plain stupid hence why it never sold). For the overall condition and k's I think he picked up a good car for a fairly cheap price.
  12. A lad I know who is 18-19 just picked a stock spec s up (apart from turbo back exhaust) for 13800 from a dealership...126,000k's and overall pretty tidy. Exterior needs a little bit of love, but the condition of the interior (pretty mint) and motor looks good. Having said that, the engine bay/motor look really really clean..almost as if the motor has been out and everything has been cleaned up. Either way scored himself a cheap silvia..
  13. ^^ wouldn't running a larger r34 rotor up front and leaving the stock rotor on the rear outbalance things a bit?
  14. Are there any real significant pro's to having a map sensor really though?