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  1. S15 Engine Mounts

  2. S15 Engine Mounts

    Yeh stock mounts. Picture attached.
  3. S15 Engine Mounts

    I have three engine mounts which came off my S15 a couple of years ago. Condition unknown. All three $25 I have no use for them... 0421-162-160
  4. Misc. S13 Parts (CA8DE) - CHEAP

    I have some spares that came off my S13 CA18DE a couple of years ago. Let me know. Grille (looks like its been sprayed, clip broken, may need a cable tie) - $5 Muffler - $20 Aircon Motors (3 no.) - $40 Airbox - $20 Brand New Oil Filter to suit CA18DE - $5 Brand New Rocker Cover Gasket - $5 Pickup only. Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW SMS 0421-162-160
  5. Immaculate Condition Stock Silvia Spec R LIMITED EDITION

    Price drop: $18,500
  6. Immaculate Condition Stock Silvia Spec R LIMITED EDITION - LESS THAN 1000 RELEASED - 79,000KMs Price: $24,000 (negotiable to serious buyers only) Location: Hills District (Sydney) Contact: 0421-162-160 After three and a half years of enjoyable weekend driving and routine washing, up for sale is my 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R (Limited Edition). This car is in absolutely immaculate and stock condition! The car is one of only very few S15s that Nissan released from the factory in the pale blue colour with suede interior. The body and interior of the car is in almost perfect condition - there is one ding (less than the size of a 5c coin) next to the rear number plate. Mechanically the car cannot be faulted. The car is in 100% stock condition, with the exception of: * Head unit has been changed to a Clarion CZ100A (the stock head unit does not play MP3s or Australian radio stations). The Clarion CZ100A is MP3 compatible and includes AUX. * Viper alarm system (which also has remote start and valet modes). * Nissan Motorsport ("Nismo") engine mounts (when I purchased the car, one of the engine mounts was starting to 'give', so I replaced all three with Nismo mounts - apparently these are better than factory mounts). The car was imported through Top Secret Imports and although I don't have the log books, I have kept all my service records. I am an enthusiast, before this I owned a S13. I purchased this S15 as a weekend-only car, I do not drive this throughout the week. After much thinking, I have decided to sell the car simply because I do not use it enough. Most of the time it sits in the garage. After nearly four years of ownership, I have put less than 10,000KM on the clock. I have only taken this car on cruises and have never driven the car "hard" (drifting, track, etc) - I am not that way inclined. Please note, I have removed the custom black and silver number plates and replaced them with standard black and yellow. I am in no real rush to sell the car, but the price is negotiable to serious buyers only. Please call me on 0421-162-160 (no SMS) for an inspection, however please note I will be test driving. I am after serious enquirers only, no time-wasters, low-ballers, tyre kickers, test pilots or day-dreamers. If you are seriously after a clean S15, give me a call. Thanks.
  7. Tyre Pressure Stick in Door Jamb S15

    Thanks man. How did you go?
  8. Tyre Pressure Stick in Door Jamb S15

    Just checked eBay but didnt have any luck. These arnt really stickers I am after try are almost peices of paper that were glued on, so I don't think Nissan would actually re-sell them. Not sure why they didn't go a waterproof sticker. Either way, I just need someone to take a photo of theirs, maybe shoot over the rough dimension of the actual sticker/paper and ill remake my own one on Microsoft word. Thanks.
  9. Hi, its certainly been a while since I posted any topics, but I need a bit of help. Can someone take a HIGH QUALITY photo of the tyre pressure sticker thats in the driver-side door jamb for me. Was washing the car a while ago and ruined my one. Being a freak I want to reproduce the same sticker. Thanks.
  10. I have a VIPER alarm installed on my 1999 S15, and it keeps going off randomly, which in turn causes the battery to drain (as sometimes i am out when it happens). I had switched the alarm to what i thought was the off position (when i "LOCKED" the doors, it only did the stock flashing of the lights, didnt make the alarm sound, so i assume it was off), but tonight the alarm went wild! I couldnt push any buttons to get it to stop. I was even able to start the car while it was going off! Out of desparation i had to get the socket set out and d/c the battery, so it would stop! I just jump started the car today, atleast 4 or 5 hours before the alarm went off randomly (had to jump start it as it was drained from another instance of this - i assume thats the reason). Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I have just started trying to play this game online and the lobbys only have like 20-30 people in them at any given time. The GEOGRAPHY ROOM (as in Australian players) doesnt have anyone in it. I cant beleive that there are only 20-30 people in the world playing Fifa 12 only. What is going on?! And the LAG....its so bad. I am on cable internet, and i never get full green!!!!!
  12. My 1991 S13 has not been turned on in ages. The other day is was turned on, it started and idled as per usual, when it was turned off, it refused to start again. The battery is brand new. I can hear the fuel pump prime when i turn the key and it makes a healthy cranking noise, it just does not want to kick over. Any ideas.
  13. I have been looking at the PE2 and the HKS HI POWER SILENT, from you tube clips they both seem what I am after, but they are cannons! Is there anything that can be done to have these as twin tips? I have also looked at the Legalise R Evo but these seem to be very expensive. The xforce 3" seems to be a bit too loud when I checked it on YouTube. I haunt heard of the one mentioned above, so I'm not sure of it's quality, etc. The PE2 and HKS were highly recommended. What can I do it terms of that bloody cannon!!!! Twin Tip FTW!
  14. I have a 1999 S15 (JDM), and it is pretty much 100% stock, that being said, one problem it had (which I knew about when I bought it), was that it's exhaust was due for replacement. Ideally I'd like to put on another stock exhaust, but these are quite hard to find, so I am contemplating a new cat-back system. The question is, what should I put on? I know very little about exhaust systems, all I know is that I want it to have the twin tip and be relatively quiet (I don't mind if there is a slight purr when really hitting it). A friend of mine told me about the z force cat back, what does anyone know about these? Also what size should I get? What is the size of the stock system? Thanks.