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    WANTED: Weight bench. kthx
  2. Are you looking for a gym buddy?

    Any South Melbourne heads? Time: any time that isn't between 9-5 What: Weights mostly, some cardio
  3. Home gym equipment

    Ok thanks. Was leaning towards that... May be a tight fit in my bedroom though. The kegerator might have to go in the lounge room
  4. Home gym equipment

    OK while we're here on the topic of benches. Is it worth getting one that can incline/decline?
  5. Home gym equipment

    Thank you sir, their prices seem reasonable
  6. Home gym equipment

    Amen. Will give gumtree a shot. cheers
  7. Home gym equipment

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a weight bench for my apartment. Been looking at ebay but all the cheap stuff has mad low weight limits. What are some good websites I can check out for this? Needs to be able to deliver in VIC. Cheers.
  8. New Reality show about TMU... great

    dude looked 12 years old.

    make sure you upload plenty of vids dude.
  10. FML.

    ^ OUCH.
  11. motorcycle license

    Bit off topic; What's the story with getting a bike licence when you have a mandatory alcohol interlock on your car licence? Do you have to get an interlock device installed on the bike? Asking for a friend of a friend Cheers.
  12. mi goreng is the best

    whats with everyone being whimps about the chilli its not f**king hot whatsoever???? HARDEN UP SKIRTS!
  13. Well he was willing to kill someone over a playstation or a laptop... ...so its obvious, isn't it? Jew jitsu. hahaha
  14. mi goreng is the best

    Where is the cheapest box in melb cbd to buy these plz? MI GORENG FOREvER

    If your interested in NEIS do it through us @ VIC UNI PM for details...