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  1. Don't deal with this guy.

    He does not pay his bills.

  2. Nah didn't think so.

  3. Hey abe, payed your bills lately?

  4. Wassup with your smokey lights essay?

  5. Mad heelflizza shuvits man.

  6. ...Make.it.work...

  7. 6330

    Hey Satu, is it true that you're 5th dan black belt in the art of the bbq tong?

    I heard that Xaggr8 is scared of you.

  8. Good things come to those who wait...

  9. You're a champ man, thanks for your help.

  10. Man you know sure know your shit.

    There should be more one year olds like you on NS.com

  11. Smooth transaction man,

    No bullshitting around with you.

  12. Albany represent.

  13. How much do you want for them?