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  1. The Crap Filter

    This place is abit quiet!
  2. WA Performance Workshops

    Tenagah Motorsport will be closing for good as of next Tuesday, 22nd December 2009.
  3. The Crap Filter

    Yeah on the grass next to the black 9
  4. The Crap Filter

    Ichi... were you at no limits last night watching?
  5. The Crap Filter

    5d mk2! im guessing you want abit of $$$$ for that?
  6. The Crap Filter

    Pay the extra and go for a Canon! Go for the 450D if its still on the shelf? It may have been replaced again. I bought a 400D then less than a month later the 450D was released, not much difference but slightly larged LCD view screen and 12.1mp compared the the 10mp mine has. Either way, do it.
  7. The Crap Filter

    Get the PS3 or if your gonna get a D-SLR get a Canon.
  8. The Crap Filter

    Its still in BETA stages anyway, it should come good soon.
  9. Have you thought about buying a water temp gauge? Better for peace of mind rather than relying on the stock dash one.
  10. The Crap Filter

    Download IE8 then? haha.
  11. Camera mounts

    nisskid, did you buy that camera mount head from Manfrotto aswel? I bought one of those eBay camera mounts, solid as f**k but I cant fit it on the back window because the video camera touches the window and if I mount it on the rear door window, the angle is all wrong so I need something like you have to adjust the position from the top.
  12. The Crap Filter

    I dunno how he could do that amount of damage from just losing grip. Must have been something else aswel?
  13. $20 for genuine parts compared to a bottom end rebuild when your oil filter drops off because you bought the one you thought would do the job is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Not that Ive had any problems with Ryco filters on my old 180sx or my missus GTi-R at the moment. Although, I use genuine Mitsubishi filters on the EVO
  14. RDA Slotted rotors and pads!

    For a general street car the RDA rotors are fine, its when you start getting onto the track when you get problems with the RDA rotors warping.
  15. evo 7

    An EVO 9 rear bumper will bolt on to a 7 or 8, you will need to modify the license plate holder and plate light mount to fit correct. You wont need to change the lights if you want to fit a 9 front end. You just need a 9 front bumper and 8/9 bonnet.